Wednesday, 5 September 2012

29/08/12 Cleeve Hill to Chelford

Where I had originally planned to stay fall through so at the last minute William phoned around and found myself and Cognac somewhere to stay for the 29th aug. Wesley, William's farrier dropped by in the morning and replaced the lost nails on Cognac's shoe and kindly took the time to check all his other shoes. He pointed out a small hole in Cognac's sole on one of his back feet and warned me to watch that he didn't get a stone stuck in it as it would be sensitive. He sprayed it with a hoof hardener to create a seal on it to protect it.

It was the wettest morning for a while and William and I tacked up in the rain and set off in the rain, William and Strider escorted Cognac and myself over the common and we said goodbye at the over side, where they set off back to the yard and Cognac and I continued on our way- alone once again, just slowly walking away...

It was such a horrendously wet day, we managed to find a relatively sheltered place to stop for some food before heading out into the rain again. I phoned Jane, who were staying with and she said that it was quite complicated to get to her yard and that she would ride out to meet us to show us the way.

Luckily the sun came out in time for her to tack up as I would have felt awful if she had had to ride out in the rain, but the sun came out and I was glad of her company as it was very complicated! We passed through picturesque villages, with steep, windy lanes and it was nice to be a passenger and just to follow jane and enjoy the view. We passed over a bust A road, a railway track and a river in one swoop, that would have proven a logistical nightmare on a map to someone who didn't ride or know the area, i.e me!

Cognac got a good feed and went out for the night. We hung my belongings anywhere possible to allow them to dry a bit over night and Jane took me back to hers for a shower. All the while Jane was trying to get hold of her friend Charlotte to see if she had a spare bed for mw for the night as Jane was off to work very early in the morning and although I could camp in the field, the ground was very wet and usually i sleep on my saddle blanket and that was soaked too.

We went and got something to eat at the pub and spread out my maps on the table to plot me a route for the next day. Charlotte got back to Jane and said that I could stay at hers for the night so Jane dropped me at Charlotte's after we had eaten. Although Charlotte was out at dog agility, her husband Chris invite me in and showed me my bed for the night and Jane, myself and he chatted until Charlotte got back and we watched the Paralympics opening ceremony.

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