Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Training rides

Im in the process of planning a 'like real' training ride. My plan is to take both horses, ride one and lead the other and ride east along the South Downs Way to the National Trust Gumber Bothy on the Slindon Estate, this is about 15 miles from the yard, so a nice easy day to start with. The next day we are going to ride 25 miles to Pyecombe ( and head down to the fantastic pub!) from here we may continue along the SDW to Alfriston or turn around and head home, I will decide nearer the time, depending on how we fit the ponies are. We are setting out on the 9th April, it'll be a great trial run to try out the distances and new equipment and also a good training exercise for the horses. We will also be accompanied by a friend.

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