Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Schooling for strength and suppleness

Today I took Harry out for a hack on his own, this worked really well as it allowed me to ride him forward, which helped to keep him straight and forward thinking. I did the same route on him today as monday and he was an absolute gent. It rained really heavy yesterday so there were loads of really big puddles around, I was really mean and made him walk and then trot through as many of them as possible, I did this as obedience training but also I want him to be used to riding through water just in case we have to do so on the ride. By the time I had ridden Harry the weather had changed and it was pretty dark so I rode Cognac in the school, working on large sweeping circles and turns, keeping him soft and rhythmical. I rode him in walk and trot encouraging him to drop him head and neck, stretching his back muscles, while pushing forward with his hindlegs.

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