Sunday, 15 April 2012

This weeks training ride

I am off on another two day training ride Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I just watched the weather forecast and it's not looking good. It's not looking bad, but I am sure I am going to get rained on at some point. Last time I went out I pretty much made up my route as I went, trying out as many new bridleways as I could, however this time I thought I could do with challenging my map reading skills a little so I am going to plan a 25 miles route there and a different 25 mile route home and try to follow it exactly. I thought it would also be good practise for me to try and predict the time that i will arrive at certain points- thus sticking to a bit more of a 'schedule' than I normally do when I ride. The need to practise my map skills has come around from a few comments I made to various people over the last few weeks, such as:
"How was your ride to Kingley Vale?"
Me: " Oh... I ended up at Cocking"
and " I couldn't be bothered to get my map out of my bag- so I just headed in what looked like the right direction"

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