Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Western saddles!

Having first learnt to ride with Rhia Tapper at Zara Stud, Sidlesham (www.zarastud.co.uk) it is a logical choice for me to choose a western saddle for a long distance ride, not only are they more comfortable over long distances for both horse and rider, they are also easier to load equipment on to. So I thought I'd try my mums western saddle on harry last night and he looked fab, as far as I know he hasn't ever had a western saddle in before, so I was slow to put it on him, letting him look at and smell each but if equipment first and putting the big pad on and off several times before putting the saddle on. Harry was completely unfazed and look great! We only went for a short hack in walk, but hopefully I'll give him another go today- if the black ice in the roads ever melts, or the school un- freezes!

Katrina Littlechild

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