Friday, 10 February 2012

Navigation and maps Follow this link for a very good site on use maps and the types of navigation available, this site also has the rout for the Sabrina way- which i will be following for 200 miles from Harrington station to great barrington. Both the horses had a visit from the horse physiotherapist today. The timing is spot on as invarriably after the physio they have to have a few days off, to allow their muscles to adjust after being worked on and as it snowed last night, they would have had to have a few days off anyway, to let the snow and ice melt. I worked a ten hour night shift last night, finishing at 7 this morning. So I went and had a sleep, planning to come backand hold the horses for the physio, but ended up sleeping right through! The horses were done without me, but I missed out on the chance to talk to the physio directly. Harry was sore behind the saddle and the physio suggested that it was either because I was sitting too far back on him, or that the western saddle may be too Long for his back. As I've been having lessons on Harry and my instructor is happy with my position, I am going to stick to his English saddle from now on, as it has been professionally fitted to him. Cognac was stiff, but being an older horse and over due for the physio, I think that this wasnt due to anything in particular. Im going to incorporate carrot stretches into his daily warm up routine to help keep him supple and comfortable. As we set out for the ride in 5 months time and between then and now we will being doing a lot of training, I will try and schedule the horses to see the physio again before we go and possibly a few weeks after we return.

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