Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A New Recruit

I have a new recruit to my ride, Marcus riding this bike- which he has yet to purchase! Marcus is a wecome addition to the team, needless to say he will provide wecome companianship, but he will also be a lot more mobile than me on my horse so will be a great help with gates, busy roads, toilet stops e.t.c. In the past marcus and I have completed the National Trail South Downs Way ( 100 miles off mainly off road hills following the south coast) so I know that he will provide support and not slow me down, he also knows the speed at which we travel and is very `horse- aware`. The only problem we have had in the past is that a bike travels faster down hill than a horse can and a horse often finds it easier to travel faster uphill then a cyclist can manage; once Marcus purchases his new bike we will get out on some training rides together, practising travelling 25- 30 miles on seperate days and then joining several days of training together with some overnight stays. This will allow us to make equipment lists of everything we are going to need and to get Cognac used to and happy with staying away from home.

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