Tuesday, 15 November 2011

John O`Groats to Land`s End on horseback

I`ve owned my horse for six years now, having got him when I was just fifteen. Over the years we have done many things together, jumping, dressage, cross-country, but summer 2012 we have the ultimate challenge to face...
This time last year I completed Land`s End to John O`Groats on my bike. I cycled 1012 miles, unsupported, over 14 days. Although this was a big challenge in itself I felt that I didn`t really get to enjoy the countryside and missed a lot of the character by just passing through. There was a lot of pressure each day to get my head down and cover the miles.

When I returned home it wasn`t long before I got back onto my horse and back to exploring the local countryside.  I soon started  thinking about how much better you could enjoy the countryside from the back of a horse...

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