Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Diane from calcutts came over to check the fit on Cognac's saddle and said that I needed a narrower gullet in my saddle as I've currently got a medium gullet and she said that I needed to put a narrow/ medium gullet in. Since the physio has been Cognac's back has been great, and he seems really happy in his work. He has had a quiet week, especially with the recent heat we have had, this coupled with moving over to the lush summer fields has really helped him put condition on and I am really pleased with how he is looking. I will be building his work load up again over the next week and plan to get out for a three or four day training ride next week, before it think about chilling the work out again so that he gets a quiet week before we head up to Scotland at the end of next month.

I have been practising taking his heart rate with a stethoscope, and will continue to do this until we go as I have been advised that this will be a vital sign that something is amiss. I am also reading up about how to gauge a horses fitness by taking their heat rate at set time periods after exercise, which is quite interesting as previously I have just gauged a horses fitness by 'feel', but again I have been advised that I sould know how my horses heatrate changes with exercise and his normal recovery from exhersion.

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